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Jake Peters | Owner

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Reliable. Experienced. Dedicated.

Red Willow Homes Inc. is a quality custom home building and new home construction company based out of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. We usually build 8-10 custom-designed homes in St. Albert, Edmonton and the surrounding area per year. We always build both beautiful and structurally sound homes with one-of-a-kind custom interior and exterior layouts. We will maximize the property lots potential in order to do the most we can with the real estate and land available. Red Willow Homes devotes undivided attention and time to each client so we can build the home of their dreams!

Every new home that we design and build for each and every client is unique, and no two homes are alike. Our clients work directly with our engineers and interior designers to ensure their new home is built to look and feel like the dream home they have always wanted.

Owner Jake Peters has extensive experience in all aspects of new home design, building and construction. Also, budgets and timing are always taken into consideration in order to make the building process both an affordable and enjoyable experience. Our clients receive on-on-one attention and questions and concerns are always dealt with promptly. We keep the building process stress-free and easy to understand for everyone involved.

Red Willow Homes Inc. uses midline pricing to save our clients from an elevated final cost and maximize the efficiency and quality of their home. This way, the price that is given contains no hidden costs and offers the clients beautiful, cost efficient home that will not exceed their budget.

We work with clients to make the right decisions at the start of the building process, but also offer flexible change orders at very little cost. This offers peace of mind to each client when they can make the right choices to suit their needs. Most home building companies are unable to accommodate their client’s needs in this way.

We have worked with all of our sub-trades and suppliers for many years, so our clients know they are getting a great product, and it is being done properly.

Your home can be built on an existing lot, or we can buy directly from the developer on behalf of our client.

Red Willow Homes Inc. also uses the Progressive New Home Warranty for our client’s protection and peace of mind.

We have served St. Albert and the greater Edmonton area for more than 30 years.


Reliability is taken very seriously at Red Willow Homes. If you would like proof of this virtue, please feel free to peruse our client testimonials area and read some of the positive feedback Jake Peters has received from his customers over the years.


Experience can never be taught. The only way to guarantee that the right decisions will be made regarding your home building project details is by hiring an experienced and skilled contractor. Jake Peters brings 29 years of experience to the table.


Dedication to each project is something that Jake Peters and Red Willow Homes will definitely give you while working on your next home building project. Jake is almost always available and very responsive to his client's needs.

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